Drake Off Campus Back and Ready to Go

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Written for Drake University’s publication, The Times Delphic:


After about a year and a half away, Drake Off Campus is back. It is a non-alcoholic organization that was created with the intention to give Drake students a fun Saturday night activity without the pressures of alcohol or partying. It also allows the students to experience more than just Drake’s campus.

Careful planning goes into choosing the events. They need to be interactive and fun.

“We try to get activities that involve the students. That way they’re not just sitting there or cooped up in a place and can get some energy out,” Junior, and Drake Off Campus president, Brody Rothert said.

Drake Off Campus takes about 50 Drake students to a fun event that they may not have the money or transportation to enjoy otherwise. Past events include going to a hockey game, go-karting, and bowling. Each student pays only $5, which goes to cover the cost of food for the night.

Drake Off Campus knows that Drake’s students come from all over the world and from various backgrounds. That’s why they choose a variety of types of events. This semester’s events are a trip to Sky Zone on February 25, bowling in March, and a trip to Escape Champers in April.

“There’s a wide range of events throughout the semester. If the first one you hear about doesn’t peak your interest, just wait and there’ll be something for you,” Junior Jordan Saeed said.

If someone is interested in learning more about Drake Off Campus, the group has Facebook and Twitter pages. They are also working on an Instagram page in order to post photos from their events.

If someone is interested in signing up for one of the upcoming events, look out for their posters. These will have a link to go to. The link goes to a page to register with a Drake ID number and ask a few questions. Then that student is registered for the event. There is often a waitlist, so signing up early is recommended. However, Rothert recommends still showing the day of the event if you are waitlisted.

“If you are put on the waitlist, it is still best to show up for the event that night in case somebody doesn’t show up last minute or something comes up for someone. That spot automatically opens up for the first person on that waitlist,” Rothert said.

Drake Off Campus does its best to keep the actual group small so more students have the opportunity to go to the events, whether that is by themselves or with friends.

“All the events on their own are fun, and if you sign up with a couple of friends it’s a great time for only five bucks,” Saeed said.

Rothert is excited to be able to have Drake Off Campus up and running again.

“It’s nice for us to come back and plan events, and we hope to see some new faces out there. And we’re not just for freshmen and sophomores. Any student, no matter what grade or major, is welcome.”


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