A Response to Joe Trohman’s Blog Post

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It breaks my heart that musicians have to post stuff like Joe Trohman of Fall Out Boy just did. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to meet all of my favorite musicians. But when I purchase tickets to a concert, it is to go see my favorite bands perform live. I have not met the performer from most of the concerts I have attended. I have been lucky enough to meet one of them. It was amazing, and I will always remember it. However, I knew that he might not stick around after the show, and I was ok with that. I would have been sad, but at least I got to see him perform. Meeting an artist is always the cherry on top. But it is not why you go. Being in a crowd of people who are there to see the same artist you are is an amazing thing. You all have something in common. You will share an experience with someone you may never see again. Plus, there is something transcendent about being being at a live show. Seeing those people that you’ve only seen in pictures or videos are finally flesh and blood. Your idols/heroes/favorite musicians are real. It really should be enough.

Especially when you consider that Fall Out Boy does everything they can to make tickets affordable to see them. Fall Out Boy works their asses off for us and a few people still don’t think it’s enough. This is sad. I hope this changes.

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